I’m happy my parents are happy after moving

My Dad plus Mom decided to sell their house plus transport to the southeast… My sibling plus I were devastated when they invited us over for dinner plus gave us the bad news; it felt almost like a punch in the gut.

My Dad plus Mom never talked about moving to the southeast plus it felt almost like that decision was quick plus crazy.

My Dad plus Mom tried to explain the reasons why they thought the transport was a really great idea, but entirely our sibling plus I weren’t genuinely listening at that point. I thought they would transport down south plus I would never hear from them again, but our Mom plus Mom call me all of the time… They decided to buy a house on a golf course. The house needs a lot of repairs plus the heating plan is really old; since I work for a nearby heating, ventilation and A/C service dealer, our Dad plus Mom always call when they have questions about the oil furnace, and when they called a local service contractor for a quote, our Dad plus Mom called to make sure that it was a sufficient amount of money for the repairs. My sibling plus I were worried that the two of us would not have a relationship with our parents if they moved 1200 miles away, but the two of us still talk to them frequently plus they video chat with us all of the time as well. I suppose they miss us, but they are clearly having a lot of fun. My Dad plus Mom laugh all of the time plus they always have a smile on their faces.

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