In some places you can get a tax credit for installing a geothermal heat pump

This marks a turning point in my mindset towards the environment and my home’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint.

I have decided that I have spent too many years not worrying about the impact that I have on the natural environment.

This isn’t just about how I am with recycling and reusing things for multiple purposes, it’s also an attempt at taking a frank look at how much energy I use and the waste I produce in every aspect of my life. Even though we lack sufficient recharge stations in my state, I still decided to get an electric vehicle. I am not driving to a job everyday so I don’t have to rely on getting around places far away from my home. Instead I simply charge the car whenever it’s sitting in my garage and it’s ready to go by the very next day. This is one way in which I can both save money and the environment at the same time. One other perfect example of this is with energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems. Finding machines that are better on the environment often entails saving more money yourself whenever you go to heat or cool your house. This is definitely the case with geothermal heat pumps because they let you harvest energy from deep within the ground where temperatures are consistent throughout the year. Although you spend a fraction of electricity to reach the same cooling and heating capabilities of a standard HVAC system, the installation cost can exceed $10,000. That’s why I’m getting a tax credit from the government to have a new geothermal heat pump installed. It’s in place to encourage people to take the plunge in transitioning to a more environmentally friendly approach to heating and cooling while offsetting some of the start-up costs.


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