Installing a floor furnace

My husband works in the corporate department of a national heating and cooling company.

So he is always coming to me with these crazy ideas about having a brand new heating and cooling system installed in our house.

I told my husband if he doesn’t stop reading the local HVAC technology section of the newspaper that I was going to kick him out of the house because we have spent too much money on upgrading our heating and cooling system since we got married. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and in those 10 years I think we have spent almost $1 million on heating and cooling equipment. That might be an exaggeration but honestly it’s what it feels like. I told my husband that if he gets to spend all this money on heating and cooling equipment that I get to spend that much money shopping. So when he came to the house two nights ago and told me that he wanted to install the floor furnace in our home I told him he was crazy. We live in a southern part of the country that never gets cold weather at all during the year. So installing the floor furnace makes no sense for our home. I know we got excited about the floor furnace and I shot him down. I just have to keep them in check when he sees all these exciting HVAC technology articles at work. We don’t need to spend all our money on heating and cooling equipment.

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