Is it a late night HVAC repair, or something else?

My grandmother is the neighborhood snoop.

Ever since Grandpa passed she has been so incredibly bored, so she started being a busy-body.

Grandma is a part of the neighborhood watch, and I know that’s a good thing but she doesn’t do it to help people she does it to learn all the gossip. Grandma loves gossip. Now she spends most evenings in her rocking chair, looking out the front window with a pair of binoculars in her lap for when she sees something interesting. A few weeks ago she mentioned something about an HVAC company van driving around late at night, but I didn’t pay attention to her. I’m sure she was right, but there are some very good reasons for an HVAC company to be in our neighborhood, even late at night. I thought she was just making a mountain out of a molehill, but then she said that same HVAC van came back night after night! I told grandma that I would sit up for her, so she could go to bed, and I would watch for the mysterious HVAC van myself. I was actually quite surprised to see that it was real, because I thought granny was just losing it. I saw that HVAC pulled up in front of the neighbor’s house around 2 in the morning, definitely past business hours! I was shocked when I saw my neighbor’s wife come out of the house and jump into the HVAC van. They sat for a while, and the HVAC van rocked back and forth, and then I realized what was happening here.

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