It seems to rain all the time where I live. Ample rainfall is just a fact of life around here, it would seem. I would say that the wettest season is the summer, and yet, as we are getting into the fall season, it's still pretty wet outside! Believe it or not, I would love If it was at least cool outside while the two of us were in these rainstorms. A wet chilly can bring on the flu or pneumonia, but I personally would love relief from the heat. Instead, even in the fall, and occasionally, even in the winter, it's moderate and humid and wet. I remember living in our parent's house, which had thick walls and excellent insulation. It also had a good heating and air conditioner. The wet mugginess was left outside, where it belonged. Now I live in a home with thin walls and insulation that isn'tas great. As a result, that muggy feeling ends up getting into our house. He gives you that icky, sticky feeling! I may actually well need to invest in a dehumidifier, because our a/c plan just does not seem to be doing an adequate job of pulling out the moisture in the air, which it is supposed to do as well as cooling things down. I assume I will go to the store and purchase a dehumidifier soon. Or maybe I will look online and see if there is a wonderful deal, so that I willl have more variety to choose from, and I can have it shipped to myself and others instead. One way or another, I need relief from all of the wet, humid weather.

If Southerners love the moderate weather, why do they love their a/cs so much?


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