It’s always best to have patience in various situations

One particular quality I have always had is patience.

It seems that with patience, things go a lot smoother in general.

Even when I am frustrated, I am usually able to keep my cool and remain patient with people or whatever problem I am dealing with. It wasn’t even that long ago when we had a pretty significant issue with the HVAC system in the household. The HVAC technician came out and he did some work. He showed us the HVAC system seemed to be working alright and then he went on his way. It was about an hour later that the HVAC system was having issues all over again. We called the HVAC company back and they sent the same HVAC technician back. He was apologizing for overlooking another complication that should have been clear. He took care of that issue and then apologized again. I told him it was no problem and gave him a tip for his work. I told him I would have tipped him the first time if he wasn’t in such a rush to leave. I think that HVAC technician probably learned something from me that day, not to always be in a rush. It’s when you have patience when you are able to get things done the right way. It’s never fun to have to go back and finish things that you didn’t because you were in such a hurry. I’m sure he was happy to get a nice tip when he came back too, especially when he probably was not even expecting it.


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