Johnny used to pretend to maintenance the heater

When he was little, my child Johnny used to pretend to maintenance the boiler with his little pretend tool set.

It was always super cute and my spouse and I enjoyed when he did that.

He had a little tool belt with little plastic tools on it, and he would go around the home hammering on things and pretending to maintenance them, and one afternoon, my friend and I had to have our electric boiler tested and when the heating and A/C professional came to the house, Johnny thought that he was the coolest thing ever. He watched him like a hawk the whole time that he was there working on the heater. Furthermore, he asked the heating and A/C professional if he could watch him work on the boiler, and he told Johnny that he could, but johnny lost no time at all grabbing his tool belt and heading down to the basement so that he could help the heating and A/C professional. I was glad that he was going to get to watch the professional working on the boiler because it was his favorite thing to do. I never knew a little boy who was so happy to work on cars and heating and A/C systems and appliances and mechanical things. The heating and A/C professional was an entirely nice sport, and he taught Johnny how to change the air filter in the heater. I was genuinely impressed with how kind and patient he was with Johnny, and Johnny ended up having the best time! He talked about it for weeks after it happened and now that he’s an adult, he’s a heating and A/C professional himself.



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