Keeping cool back when

Central air conditioning can tend to get pretty dry sometimes.

Back in the day not many people had central heating and air conditioning. When the summer came, it was a window air conditioning unit and either the water hose outside or for us kids back then, we had a sprinkler. It was a clown face type one that had a hat on it, and the water would come through and pop the hat way up high in the air balancing it on the water, then it would soak us kids as we played under it. It was a really cool and cute little thing when I think back remembering. That was so long ago, but it does feel like yesterday. I am 51 years old now, and this was back when I was around 12 years old. There was actually something about those days and the window air conditioners as well as the hose and kiddie sprinkler that I preferred over the central air conditioning we all have today. And no it isn’t nostalgia or even the fact that the energy bills were so much lower running a window air conditioning system verses central air conditioning. It just seemed much more pure to me. That is what it is. Central air conditioning can tend to get pretty dry sometimes. But the window air conditioning system never felt that way at all. That is what the major difference is. I really do miss those days and would go back in time to them if it was possible. Yes I am a dreamer, but window air conditioning systems were better.


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