Keeping motivated with my heating in addition to cooling technology work

I am getting pretty hungry for supper although I thought I’d knock out one article before I head out for a ride in addition to my food.

I like to eat kefir each day, in addition to have been for the past three years, as I think the probiotics in it are really good for the body.

It has a lot more strains in addition to amounts of probiotics than yogurt, so I switched to kefir a couple of years ago when I found out the difference. One thing I have observed over the past couple of years is that I’m not getting sick anymore… Cooling down the body with ice frosty dips in the sea, followed by heating myself up again with a hot bath in addition to a stand beside the gas space furnace is proving to be good for my immune system evidently. I also take Ashwagandha, which is an ayurvedic adaptogen in addition to basically slows down the aging process by reducing stress in the body. My heating rep got me on it more than 2 years ago in addition to I have a lot of energy to do my Heating and Air Conditioning systems service work every day. I am 55 years old, in addition to but I have truly aged, my body seems to be in a lot better shape than everyone my age. I do a lot of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment lifting each week as I install heating in addition to cooling technology in offices around town. I also do yoga seven afternoons a week in addition to I meditate each day, so I think between all of these things I am doing some good for myself. I have my Heating and Air Conditioning tech to thank for most of this, she is the best!

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