Know your limitations with HVAC

Being honest with myself about what I can and can’t do can be complicated.

Too often, I don’t do something that I clearly could do with some training and experience.

And then, I catch myself in over my head on other things that appeared to be no brainers. It’s a tricky thing really. When it comes to looking after stuff inside the central air conditioning of my home, I’m not terrible at it. I’m actually fairly handy. I can do most of the stuff on my wife’s list of things for me to accomplish. But I also make sure that I know my limitations. And when it comes to the heating and cooling equipment, it’s hands off for me. I think hanging around one time with the HVAC technician while he did the HVAC maintenance was important. I got a first hand view of just how much these HVAC professionals have to know. There is so much training and certification that goes into being an HVAC professional. There were times when I would think that I could recharge the HVAC refrigerant or something like that. I mean, if they sold it at the hardware store, I didn’t see why I couldn’t figure it out. But that all changed when I got to see just how complex things can be inside that HVAC cabinet. We get seasonal HVAC maintenance every year. This has resulted in flawless heating and cooling since we had the HVAC unit installed. So we haven’t had the need for an HVAC repair. But if and when we do, I’ll be calling the HVAC company right off the bat.


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