Lack of heating and cooling service from my sister

I swear my sister entirely needs to get her act together and start getting her household straightened out, then she moved into a current household about 4 months ago and she still has not unpacked and started on her renovations or her house, and i told her that she has never going to want to complete her cabin unless she at least get the start on something just starts putting things away everyday, but not to mention she was supposed to reach out to a heating and cooling specialist when she first moved in and she still has not done that yet.

I am entirely worried that her heating and cooling machine is not even up to par to where it needs to be to start warming up the house.

Next week we are going to be facing some dire temperatures and I have a feeling her boiler is going to break down because of the lack of service and care of the previous owner. I unquestionably do not want her stuck in her cabin separate from any heat while in these dreadful upcoming winter time temperatures. I don’t mind her staying over at our household if anything happens but I don’t it to become a habit, then for example if any terrible thing goes wrong in her cabin because of the lack of service and effort in getting things done around her household I don’t want her knocking on my door every time. She just entirely needs to do something about her heating and cooling unit. One afternoon she has going to have to replace the entire thing and spend thousands of dollars on a current replacement heating and cooling machine and then I’m going to have to hear all about it and then have to help her pay for it.


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