Learning music and enjoying A/C

One more article and after that I mount my horse and go for a ride.

A chupito is the same as a shot when talking about drinks, and we made a song called No Chupito for my friend that afternoon who didn’t want to share his rum. I was going to do a shot on this pier we were playing on but my neighbor wouldn’t share the rum, so we made a song about it and I ended up getting my shot in the end haha. We just got some company cards made and we are going to hit the local company near us and supply them a card to see if they want us to play outside or inside of their air conditioned club. If they say no then we will just play near the bar on the beach in the sand and let people hear our music anyways. Ideally though, the new contractor who owns the club wants us to play inside so we can get some nice temperature control while doing our thing. I am still kind of new at the drums and am learning current beats, but I suppose the best way to learn is to just jump in headfirst and see what happens. My heating company friend said that we are absolutely good and he admires that we are making new music every time we play. We both like to make current music instead of playing the same stale music over and over like most bands do. Anyway, I’m off to the heating and air conditioning company for a new HEPA filter.


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