Looking for a cabin with a wood burning fireplace

This fall, we truly want to buy a lodge.

We have found a couple of them in the vicinity of where we want to purchase one, we want to get one that has a fireplace in it.

That’s been more of a problem than I ever thought that it would be, you would think that all the people would think about putting in a wood burning fireplace whenever they are building a mountain lodge, that hasn’t been the case at all for us. In our hunt for a lodge this year. We haven’t been able to find one one with a wood burning fireplace in it! It seems like everyone who has built a lodge around this area in the last twenty years decided that they wanted to install gas log fireplaces instead. My wife and I are truly just not fans of gas log fireplaces and so we are holding out for a wood burning fireplace instead. We started looking for a lodge about 4 weeks ago, and we never in a million years thought that it would take us this long to find one. We thought that we would be able to get our stuff moved in before the weather started cooling off in the fall plus that way, we would be able to enjoy our new lodge this winter! So far, that has not been the case at all. We are still looking and there still isn’t anything that we want out on the market. I told our realtor that we might have to start thinking outside the box and buy something with a good layout and location. If it doesn’t have a wood burning fireplace, maybe we can just have one installed.

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