Making our beach home our new arena of corporation with extra HVAC

Since I wasn’t laid off when they initially closed the offices with the zone controlled office, I thought I was safe.

Actually, I really wasn’t dripping with sweat it all that much anyhow.

I’d been with the contractor for more than 20 years and was a senior member of management. I even had our own control unit in our office. But about a year into the pandemic, our contractor was sold. The new management decided to chop loose a bunch of the veteran management in a salary purge. This was pretty shocking. But at least I didn’t have to figure out how to labor from beach home in our own I’d been doing that for more than a year. But while I had made a great living, I was far from ready to hang up our skills and retire. Plus, I had more that I wanted to do in the industry. Instead of looking for a new job, I upgraded the HVAC in our beach entryway and started our own consulting dealer. The HVAC upgrade was a big necessary move. I really appreciate to labor a crisp, cool This drove our partner nuts because I was yanking down the control unit to low for her. The HVAC contractor was able to install a ductless heat pump inside our beach entryway and that did the trick. I’m amazed with how efficient and powerful the ductless heat pump is. And I’m continuing the streak of having a control unit inside our office. While I miss more than 2 of our colleagues, I have to say that doing our own thing has really been quite and adventure thus far.

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