Making sure the pool is good for the summer season

We’ve had a lot of warm days this summer so far.

Some days, it’s so hot, I just can’t wait to go back inside to enjoy some air conditioning.

Even with our car, I had to take it to the auto repair shop so they could refill the AC compressor with refrigerant. I did this to make sure the AC system was working perfectly because I couldn’t deal with just rolling the windows down while driving. So one of the main things was working on the pool. I kept shocking the pool every week to make sure everything was good and added all the balancing chemicals to make sure the PH was between 7.2 and 7.6. One thing I was complaining about was the high cost of chlorine. It seems that chlorine in recent years has almost tripled in price, and they say it’s because of a chlorine shortage. Whatever the case may be, I just wish the prices would go down. So while getting the pool cleaned, I was bothered because the water was still cloudy, no matter how many clarifying chemicals I put in there. Finally when I went to change the sand in the sand filter, I found the issue. The pipe inside was cracked, so the water was not filtering how it is supposed to. So I got a new replacement part for the sand filter and then filled the filter with fresh sand. Within a day, the water was crystal clear in the pool! Everybody was so happy when they were able to go swimming, especially when we have been dealing with so many hot days.


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