Massive flood injure to abandoned building

I remember as a child standing in awe at my most number one locale in the world, then when I was growing up, there was a large children’s playground and activities building centered around youngsters.

Kids could come over and play and supply their parents a bit of alone time. The company that owned the building had enjoyable reviews, and it was a hotspot for families with young youngsters. The building had it’s carousel, playground and waterpark as outdoor activities. Indoor activities included TV time, educational programs, ball pit and much more. The best part was that it was incredibly cheap, because the owners enjoyed children, and unfortunately, a large hurricane came and destroyed over half of the device and playground, including the building itself. I was hopeful they would open back up, but they closed their doors forever and the building was abandoned. I remember breaking into the building as a teenager for a bit of urban exploring. Now, here I am as an adult standing here wondering if it was worth it. I wanted to remodel the building just how it was when I was child. I decided to go for it, contacted the owner and bought it. To my surprise it still had large flood injure in the lower part of the building with waist deep water. So I started contacting locales for potential repairs, however one of the locales I came across was Heating and Air Conditioning business. It was way too early for me to contact the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, although I decided to keep the Heating and Air Conditioning company in mind. Having a Heating and Air Conditioning professional install a heating and cooling plan was absolutely something to look towards later down the road.

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