Moving back home and getting used to the changes

This is done through an app that they downloaded on their phone

Since I graduated a semester early I have moved back home to save some money. I was thinking about staying in the town where my college is and finding a job out there, but financially I don’t think I could afford an apartment. So therefore I moved back home to save money on housing, to start paying off my student loans, and to find a job back home. The job process has been working out very good but I’m just waiting to hear back from potential employers. Once I moved back home I had to get used to my parent’s rules again. Now that I’m under my parent’s roof I still have to follow their rules and do their chores. I don’t mind doing chores but I’ve never been good with being under someone’s authority. I am also definitely not used to my parents thermostat. When I moved out for college they purchased a smart thermostat. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve been home I had no clue how to use it. They showed me that I could control certain areas of the house with a certain temperature. I also saw how my parents could control the temperature through their smart phone. This is done through an app that they downloaded on their phone. Plus the smart thermostat was digital and a touch screen. I’m so used to controlling the temperature through a chunky white thermostat and having to use buttons on a small screen. I think if I ever have a house someday I’m going to install a smart thermostat in my home.

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