Moving on

It’s unusual to be letting go of the family home.

There are just so several memories as well as stories in that house.

My partner and I could hardly financially afford it when all of us first moved in. Both of us were married right out of college and our first cabin was a little cabin that all of us could barely afford. It had baseboard heating instead of a common central air heating method. I remember having to put 1 of those window unit a/cs in when the summertime rolled around. Our first two children were born there. But by that point, all of us were doing a lot better and could afford something bigger so we started to look for a better cabin since we wanted to have at least 3 children. Two infants in that little location with the lame heating and cooling was more than cramped. When we found this small home, we couldn’t entirely figure out how to swing the down payment. The seller was so kind as well as allowed us to get creative because he wanted us to have the house. It needed some work but it was worth it because it was a big house at a cheap price. One of the first things I did was to have an entirely new Heating as well as A/C unit installed. First, I made sure that Heating as well as the A/C unit received semi-annual preventive maintenance. And now, I’m replacing that HVAC unit 25 years later as all of us get ready to sell this home. As strange as it feels, it’s also entirely nice knowing that another different family will make their own memories here. I suppose the house as well as especially the Heating as well as A/C unit took such good care of us.



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