Music and cool A/C

Well I guess I am going to bust out the old sound system and take it down to the pier around sunset to play some. I think my guitar player will not make it as he is in another town, although I can play drums and sing and maybe even get another person to sing with me. It isn’t the same without a guitar but we can still have some fun while drumming and singing. This girl is certainly a fantastic singer and I guess she will join me tonight while I drum around sunset time. The local supplier near where I drum gets a fantastic crowd and they seem to like our music while they sit in the temperature control and like the cool a/c. This town is starting to buzz with energy and I guess I am going to splurge and buy some new summertime clothes and maybe some nice light cologne for the summertime season. It is on sale at this local supplier near me, at $65 for a bottle. I hope I like the scent. I normally don’t wear cologne but this one seemed to smell certainly fantastic at the store where I tried it a while back, I’m not sure they even carry it anymore. My cooling tech neighbor wore it one time at work and it smelled certainly good, making me want to buy it as well and wear it at the cooling supplier while I work. Anyway, I am going to go take a quick shower and see if I can find that cologne.


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