My A/C isn’t expensive to run

Happy Sunday to you all as we cruise through another workweek unscathed.

Every afternoon is Sunday for me, as I write seven days a week regardless of whether it is a holiday or not.

I have a flatmate and am trying to decide if I want her to keep living with me because it kind of impedes my social life because it is difficult to have visitors over when she is here. But if I live alone my bills will basically double and that would add stress in an odd way to my fairly easy life. Heating and air conditioning system sales is her job and she is gone Sunday to Monday from 4pm till around 11pm as she works the second shift at the local business. So maybe I can work with her schedule and have dinner guests come over when she heads out for work and make sure they are gone by the time she gets home. I also work in the heating and cooling world too however my work is all done at home on my laptop. I will try working around her schedule like that and see if it works out well enough to keep her living here! My air conditioner isn’t too expensive to run because I mainly run the small window unit in my study room at night for sleep and then shut it off in the afternoon and just use fans for cooling down the flat. I suppose my total bills for living in this flat are around $1300 and my roommate chops off $600 with her share of the rent.


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