My decision to start a heating unit business

As a man, you are expected to toil and support your family. I have always done that, but sometimes it gets challenging when you toil away from condo and barely have time for family. My children were growing up fast; as a father, I wanted to spend more time with them, but the distance made it difficult. I could only visit them sometimes since I had to travel a long distance. I grew really distant from them, which got me thinking of what I could do to change the situation. After some years of working in the heating industry, I decided to start my own company back home. I already had a lot of comprehension of heating technology and experience. In the company, I worked in the heating maintenance department as an Heating and A/C serviceman, where my associate and I used to maintenance all types of heating devices. I was later promoted to a heating dealer. With all that toil experience, I could start my own business. Having my own company was far better than working in a company away from home. And working close to home, I knew I had the support of my fiance. My friend and I have equipment such as a heating system and heat pump with a digital thermostat. As an Heating and A/C tech, I also provided condo services such as equipment replacement, air duct, and duct sealing. I made my company flourish by giving wonderful services and selling quality equipment. With time I have gained the trust and respect of the people. Many people who live around entrust me with the maintenance of the equipment and heating repair, and they also buy new ones from me. Starting my own company was a wonderful decision because I could now spend more time with my family and simultaneously supply for them.


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