My friend’s useful energy saving tips to save us money on energy bills

I just had a delicious breakfast of fruit with tahini and nuts.

With this breakfast, along with the coffee and spirulina pill, I will swiftly get my work done and still have enough energy to take my partner’s hyperactive dog for an hour’s run in the park.

Since I work remotely from home, it’s up to me to be the househusband and take care of the house. It’s up to me to clean the house, feed and walk the dogs, and do the laundry. And since I work for an HVAC company, it’s also up to me to sort out our heating and cooling systems when they aren’t working. My partner has a lot on her plate at the moment; she’s snowed under at work and is taking extra time to pay for vet bills as well as our furnace maintenance bills. Unfortunately, we need money in the system we live in, and we can’t go without certain things. I contacted a close friend today to ask him about energy saving tips so we could save money on energy bills, since it has been predicted that it will be a scorching summer, and my partner and I are going to be running the air conditioner day and night. He advised us to use energy-efficient light bulbs, adjust thermostat settings, optimize refrigerator settings, turn off lights when not in use, and use energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. He also mentioned that there is modern technology out on the market that is designed to save energy, such as smart thermostats, which would provide us with the ability to control the temperature of our home remotely and also optimize the temperature in our home, leading to energy savings and increased comfort.


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