My girlfriend simply lives in freezer land

Every time I go to my girlfriend’s place I have been starting to make a joke about her apartment.

I call her place freezer land.

This is because she has crazy indoor air temperature preferences. I’m not entirely sure why despite the fact that she enjoys keeping the inside of her home in the low 60s. I know she has a thing for the cold however this is like a whole other level. Every time I go over to her place I feel like I have to bring a sweater with me because otherwise I’m going to get too cold. This week although I went to finally visit her. I was well prepared plus I was expecting her apartment to be in the 60s as it normally is, however no this time it was in the 90s! I was wildly confused plus I was asking her while I was so overheated in here. Her answer made no sense to me at all, she just told me that she felt like having an overheated morning today. She was going to pretend to sit out on the beach plus Thursdays. She had gotten the beach chair plus laid in the middle of the apartment plus I was wearing a bikini plus everything. I was wildly confused although I enjoyed spending time with her plus so I ended up staying over at her place for that evening. She had a guest room, so I stayed there. Well that evening I woke up in the middle of the evening plus I suddenly found myself cold. That is when I immediately looked up towards the air vent plus I saw a bunch of cold air blasting out of the air vent plus cold me to the bone! It was like 40 degrees here! I turned to my girlfriend. I asked her what the temperature was plus she said she felt like being cold now plus so she had set it to 54 degrees! I cherish her although I tell you the woman is crazy.


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