My grandparents go down south for the winter, having to turn their furnace on

My grandparents are much older and since they cannot take the cold weather anymore and dealing with the snow, they have purchased a small condo in Florida.

This condo is the perfect size for them, it is one story and we do not have to worry about them going up and down the stairs.

They do not like to leave door their original home intended so me and a few of my cousins will check on the home about twice a week. I was the very first person to check the home when they left. While I was walking down the hallway I decided to glance up to the thermostat. I saw that they turned There are thermostat off. I turn the thermostat back on and set the furnace to 65 degrees. We were supposed to get a bad winter storm with temperatures only staying in to the teens. I was always told by my dad and my H5 provider that if you were going away and your home is unattended you should keep the furnace on but set the thermostat lower. By keeping the furnace somewhat on this will prevent any pipes that could potentially freeze in your home. It was also a good thing that my grandparents turned the water off as well as this would also prevent any pipes bursting. I gave my grandparents a call and told them that it would be much cheaper if they kept the furnace on but turned the thermostat down than having pipes burst and having to hire someone to clean up the mess, they agreed with me.

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