My heat pump works actually well in a Southern temperature

It was never my intention to transport down to the south.

I was born in the Pacific Northwest as well as was used to hiking as well as mountainous regions with dense pine forests; Granted there were dangers in that region as well, there weren’t nearly as several venomous snakes, however you basically had to go east of the Cascade mountains if you wanted to find a rattlesnake in the Pacific Northwest. The real dangers in my mind were the bears, especially the brown bears. So with that in mind, I guess I’m gleeful that I can hike in the South without actually having to worry about bears attacking me, even if my associate and I do have some black bears down here. I also don’t miss all of the heating costs throughout the year living up north. It got severely chilly during the winter season as well as you had to have two unusual heating sources just to survive through power outages as well as blizzards, and nowadays I just use a heat pump because the temperature rarely gets below 35 degrees fahrenheit. Heat pump is actually energy efficient compared to the gas boiler I used to use living in the Pacific northwest. The heat pump is also ideal compared to a typical electric heating system found within a central cooling system for instance. Those properly just have a heating coil that air is passed over as well as sent through a ventilation system. It’s an inherently energy-inefficient way to heat your home. I also got a discount on the heat pump by purchasing it at the same time as my current a/c. It was smart for me to sign up for a heating as well as cooling maintenance contract as well.



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