My HVAC technician cleans my air handler during maintenance visits

One of the smartest things I did was sell my old car and get a new one from a dealership.

On top of that, I paid to include five years of maintenance, labor, and parts. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars every month to fix a slowly dying car, I can put the same amount of money towards paying off a new car that will eventually be in my name. In the meantime the car dealership handles all of the service work and repairs for free, which means I never have to worry about my source of transportation. This one change made me more reliable for getting to work everyday, as well as removing a large source of continuous stress. This car maintenance contract encouraged me to find a similar sort of service plan with my heating and cooling supplier. I live in a region where our winter and summer seasons are always intense. We get temperatures below zero during the winter season that necessitate strong indoor heat each and every day. When the temperatures get into the 80s, 90s, and 100s in the summer, I am using my air conditioner as frequently as my furnace. Using HVAC equipment to this degree necessitates regular maintenance and service, just like my car. And like the warranty I have with my car dealership, I now have a service contract with my HVAC company. Aside from repairs, it covers regular upkeep and maintenance like filter changes, condensate and coil cleaning, ductwork vacuuming, coolant refills, and pressure tests for recalibration. Just having a professional to properly clean my evaporator coil and my condensate line are enough to justify having the maintenance contract with the HVAC supplier.


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