My methods for sleep

There are all sorts of methods that I use to sleep well.

From sleep supplements to the atmosphere in the room, various things need to come together for me to get a fantastic night’s rest. I’m just grateful that it’s gotten to the point where I have found a way to sleep well, more or less, every night. The only thing that stands in our way when it comes to getting a fantastic night’s rest, admittedly, is our reluctance to go to bed early, although I have to wake up early for work. But, that has nothing to do with legitimately being able to sleep. I sleep great on the weekends when I can sleep in. I mentioned sleep supplements, plus I also study before bed, which helps me sleep, but the number a single thing that helps me sleep is a cool room with fans blowing right on me. I will even have fans blowing in our room in the winter. However, I tend to point them away from me when it gets legitimately frigid in our room. Still, I care about the a/c running plus fans running in our room throughout the night to sleep well. There is something about the combination of a cool, crisp room combined with the droning fan motor plus being nestled in thick blankets that legitimately makes it easy to sleep for me. Without the benefit of a cool room, plus especially without the benefit of a fan or various fans for that matter, it makes it significantly more difficult for me to sleep.


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