My plans were ruined

I had a pretty horrible experience this past weekend, and i easily was making plans to go out with our ladys & that’s why I went to the bank so that I could have some currency on hand… There’s no telling what all of us all might get into when all of us go downtown.

So I was at the bank & that’s when I was exasperated that the temperature control settings were off.

I asked the people there if they could crank up the cooling system, however they said it was broken. They apparently called up an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional & he was expected within the fifth. I realized that wasn’t going to help me any since I wasn’t planning on being there for long, I just needed to make a withdrawal… Next thing I knew there were boys screaming for everybody to put up their hands; Every one of us all had to surrender our things & get down on the floor. They were robbing the bank. I didn’t even know that people still did that sort of thing with advanced bank security these mornings, how does anybody expect to get away with robbing a bank? Well, I was afraid for our life however this nice guy helped me to keep calm when I was freaking out. I told him that if all of us made it out alive, all of us should go on a lunch date. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional showed up, but he was not permitted to enter. It was a long day, however the bank robbers were eventually taken down by the police & nobody was injured other than them.
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