My wife suggested that we go for radiant floor heating

When it was time to upgrade our boiler system, my wife said we should think about having radiant floor heating installed.

I never thought about this type of heating, but I had to admit, it sounded nice. We decided to have an HVAC professional come out to provide us with a free consultation. The consultation was very helpful and I learned that they could hook up the radiant floor heating to the new boiler system that we had installed. Also, we would be able to remove all the old radiators that were so unsightly in our home. So we decided to go for the new radiant floor heating installation and we were very impressed by the outcome. The radiators were always nice before, but the radiant floor heating is incredible. Now we have the heat rising nice and slowly and all the floors are perfectly warm. I mean, I honestly have never felt such a nice heating system in my life and it’s all thanks to my wife bringing it up. Personally, I would have never thought to get such a nice system such as radiant heated floors. My wife told me that it was actually a friend of hers who had radiant floor heating and she said it was amazing, that’s why she thought about it. If she were not around, I easily would have just upgraded the boiler system and I would have kept those old radiators for as long as they would last. I’m sure I could have gotten another 20 years out of them with a little bit of maintenance.



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