Myths & facts about a ductless heat pump

Over the years there has been a lot of technological advancement in the HVAC industry.

There are better, more efficient units in the markets today, then while there are vented units that deliver warmth & cooling, there are also vent-free systems.

There are some units that are more popular than others. When a HVAC plan is popular, knowledge lags. There are more myths than facts during this stage & it is no unusual for the ductless heat pump, then i am a victim of a single of these myths. I thought the noise was a normal occurrence for this unit. I later found out from a heating worker, that even though this component has outdoor central heating & an indoor electric heating system, it is as quiet as a fridge. It turns out that the heating system was leaking & hence the whining noise. If I had not contacted the engineers, I would have a disaster on my hands as at the same time I had my gas fireplace. Another myth is that this component cannot handle frigid weather. When the heat pump install is done respectfully, this component is supposed to deliver quality heating throughout the frigid season. It is a fact that these units can run longer than a traditional dual fuel system, but, some energy saving tips l received from my local company is to always set the temperatures low when sleeping or when not in the house. Another myth is that these vent-free units are big because they have indoor & outdoor parts however they are relatively smaller than traditional a singles. These units deliver both cooling & heating services just love the zone control unit… Similar to a fireplace, these units do not need too frequent repair, once a year is sufficient.


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