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Man, am I cheerful that my mom came over and visited last month.

I literally don’t know I’ve ever said that sentence before in my life, and I’m not sure I ever will utter it again.

You see, my associate and I have a complicated relationship. She doesn’t supply me much credit for the successful young adult I’ve become, and I have a difficult time dealing with his juvenile way of speaking to me. She typically thinks that he knows best, even when he has no special knowledge on a topic. One of his most opinionated areas of expertise, in fact, is other people’s HVAC systems; Does he have any working knowledge of operating these strange heating and cooling plans? No. Does he still know he should override the current air temperature plan and alter the air quality settings? Yes. This is precisely what happened with my air conditioning system last month. Mom rolled into town, mom decided the home was uncomfortable, mom changed the air temperature control settings before I had a opportunity to stop her, fast forward less than one day, and my entire central cooling plan was busted. Of course, when the A/C wouldn’t operate any longer, my mom abruptly had recommendations for getting the HVAC replaced. Within a few moments, he was calling random HVAC shops and complaining about the situation for as long as they would listen. She had all sorts of sob stories and pointed comments about his desperate temperature needs as a “senior citizen.” Apparently it was an effective method of torture, because my new A/C device was installed the honestly next day… for less than 30% of the expected cost. Thanks mom.


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