New horizons come with new HVAC method

Well, we finally did it. The dream of actually living in our favorite vacation destination is finally a reality. This is something that we have wanted to happen for a very long time. And bit by bit, we finally were able to make it happen. My wife and I were born and raised in the north. While it was a great place to grow up and to live, we were both not winter people. Instead of being stuck inside the HVAC warmth of a house, we wanted to be able to get out and do stuff. We started going to a place in the south for 2 weeks in the winter every year. Then, it just dawned on us that we could make that 2 week stay a permanent one if we really wanted to. So we both decided that whoever could get a job or a transfer to the southern region we loved so much, the other would just go along. Interestingly, we both landed new jobs and are now in the south full time. Now, we are free of the HVAC heating and the furnace and the snow. However, I am learning about our new HVAC method, the heat pump. It’s really remarkable just how well it cools a house. And believe me, what we traded in cold weather we got back with plenty of heat & humidity. So a good heat pump is something that everyone down here relies on to get through the summer months. I know that I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient our HVAC cooling was. We were disciplined with the HVAC setting and pulled the curtains during the day in order to beat back the direct sun heating. It didn’t take much to really help the heat pump cool efficiently and thus save on HVAC utility costs.



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