New quality HVAC equipment for home comfort

My guy and I met at the root beer shop when he mistakenly took my order, however he works as a senior cooling system rep at a reputable business, while I am a financial analyst at a bank nearby.

The morning we met, he was on his way to the office building I work at.

He and his team had been tied up for cooling system repairs at a business on the ground floor. Later that night, we talked about the job, and he told me the dual fuel method he had gone to service was in such a horrible state, and they ended up swapping it out for a new air conditioning method with higher SEER ratings. Though I did not believe most of the terms, I let him speak about his day. The cooling system installation had taken the entire morning, but he was satisfied that the office had a new quality air conditioning machine for extra home comfort. We continued talking for various weeks plus went on dates before he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, however on the first day at his house, I went for dinner, when we were done eating, we heard a hissing sound from his cooling product. He apologized profusely for forgetting to change the air conditioning filters. He had been swamped the previous weeks, having various cooling system installs. This was a chance for me to learn what he did, so I proposed he does the cooling system care while I was there, but I wanted to see him at his full cooling system workman potential. He removed the washable filters, cleaned them, plus upgraded them, which improved the air purification. We chatted all through the process.
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