Nice to have some temperature control

Ten more stories to write and I am out of here for a while. Actually, I am just going to write a few more and then head out for a ride and some lunch. Today is Wednesday and tomorrow a large rock n roll festival starts up in our town and goes on for a few afternoons. So this weekend is going to be a bit crazy although I guess we will manage to make it through to Sunday. We will certainly play a bunch of volleyball because my band can’t play this weekend on the streets because of the festival, then heating and cooling repairs are on the agenda as my main A/C system is on the fritz and needs some repairs. I am lucky that I bought a small component for my family room though because I can stay cool in that room anytime I need a reprieve from the heat. It isn’t that crazy tepid out yet where you need air con all of the time, at night it is nice to have some temperature control to keep cool for sleep. I like to keep my family room around 66F, as I am a warm sleeper and end up waking up in a pool of sweat if it is much warmer than that; The mini split cooling system component I got for my family room was just $230 and should pay for itself within two summers of not running the main A/C system, so buying it is going to end up saving me money in the long run if the component lasts that long.

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