Nine in the morning thinking about my heating rep dad

Today is the 14th of June and in four days yet another Father’s Day will slip by with no phone call to my dad, no card sent, nothing anymore because my dad was plucked out of my life two years ago and I have no one to tell how much I loved being their son.

Just a grave to visit and weep above, as my dad is gone and my heart still feels an emptiness there where he once was.

It is going to be tough getting over him because I was overseas when he died doing HVAC repairs for the new contractor and I never got to say goodbye to him and hug him one last time. He was a heating rep for a local business and put all of his time and energy into fixing HVAC systems and trying to make the world a better place the way he knew how. There will be no more parties at his house, no more soccer matches to watch, no more fishing trips together. His HVAC company has been dissolved and his rental houses all sold, and now there is just a memory left of what was once a thriving heating and cooling corp on Central Avenue in the city. There will be no more Happy Birthday cards arriving from him for me in the mail, no cheesy Christmas gifts like panty hose or denture toothpaste for me, and no more laughter echoing in the rooms of his once lively home. My heart is cooling down a bit with the loss of my HVAC rep dad, and I hope yours is around and I hope you tell him how much he means to you because you will regret not doing it.

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