No temperature control in workout area

I have a lanai that is built along the back side of my house! It is constructed with a brick floor and a wall of screens; The space is approximately several feet deep and sixteen feet long.

It provides plenty of square footage for a house gym.

I love that I have an area to set up my stationary bike, yoga mat, weight bench, free weights, jump rope and resistance bands. I’m able to crank up the tunes and combine cardio, strength training and stretching into a hard workout. My physical fitness is an everyday priority. I prefer to complete my workout first thing in the day, and for the majority of the year, the lanai is just perfect. I take luck of the fresh air and charming view, then however, while the people I was with and I were in the peak of summer, the temperature climbs into the eighties and the humidity is brutal. I don’t have access to air conditioning in the lanai. I rely on a box fan that provides little relief. I’m usually drenched in sweat before I’ve even started my warmup, but during the winter, when the temperature drops down into the low forties, it’s hard toiling out without a heater. I need to bundle up in layers of sweatshirts. It’s nearly impossible to officially hot up my muscles and exercising is torture, unluckyly, due to the screens, there’s simply no way to heat or cool the lanai. I’d need to close it up, insulate and either extend the HVAC duct from the main apartment or install a ductless unit. I’m unwilling to spend that kind of currency and don’t really want to supply up the advantages of the screens.

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