Nobody likes the new guy, but he is the boss’ son

Nobody in a company was happy when we found out that the boss was going to hire his son. I personally was upset and annoyed, because I wanted my brother to work with me and the boss said it was impossible for both of us to work at the same branch. The boss and his son have a different last name, so he thought we wouldn’t realize they were related. It is quite obvious since both of them look the same. It only took a day or two before everyone in the company knew that the young guy was the boss’s son. I got stuck training the kid on HVAC repairs. He works with me everyday. I am stuck with him for two weeks and it is my responsibility to teach the kid the ropes. I don’t mind training new HVAC technicians, but this kid thinks he knows everything. He doesn’t listen to me half the time and he constantly reminds me that his dad is the boss. Last weekend, I wanted him to crawl under a house to look at the ducting. It was muddy and bugs were crawling everywhere. He absolutely refused to get under the house and do his job. After I got under the house and took some pictures of the ducting, I sent the guy home for the rest of the day. My boss called and I gave him an update about the condition of the ductwork and the new employee. I thought he was going to go crazy, but he didn’t say a word.

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