Our beach bar lacked proper air conditioning

Last summer was one of the best I’d had in a long time.

I’d been working non-stop for three years to set up my business, and exhaustion was taking over.

During spring, my brother showed up at my door and demanded I take time off. We needed to get away and enjoy the summer. It took time to streamline everything, but I managed it with his help. We left during the first week of summer and headed for the beach. It felt so good to not worry about so many issues and just relax. The resort was terrific, but we noticed the air conditioning unit at the beach bar was faulty. It was hot and humid, which meant we all longed for the cool air from an AC. But all we got was heat and humidity. The management informed us that the air handling unit was working but not powerful enough. That’s why the bar was barely receiving any air conditioning. That meant we spend much more time inside the resort than at the bar. We didn’t like that because the bar had the best views. Plus, we’d miss the sunsets that were legendary at the resort. We made a formal complaint, and the manager had to fetch an HVAC specialist. When the air conditioner expert did her inspection, she concluded the AC had lots of faulty parts. They were causing it to slow down and not serve the bar area properly. After completing the HVAC repairs, we were glad to spend the evenings having a drink at the cool bar. Other guests urged the management to conduct regular AC inspections to prevent similar incidents in the future. Such awful reviews about faulty HVAC products would dent the resort’s reputation. During summer, no visitor wanted to spend time at a resort with a failing heating and cooling unit.

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