Our teens temperature requirements were all over the place

Look, we messed up, and now we are facing the consequences.

  • When my partner and I were having kids, our friends kept saying they’d be a handful.

We planned to have three kids each a year or two apart. That way, they’d grow up together, and have a fantastic relationship. Our friends told us that it would be hard handling 3 toddlers only a year or two apart. But, we had the easiest time raising our three kids. That’s until they hit their pre-teen and teen years. Oh my goodness! In no time we had three moody, irrational teens in the house, and it felt like we were always walking on fire. They had so many issues going on, and the once close kids were now at each other’s throats. It felt like we were always putting out fires in our home. There is the big blow out of 2021 that nearly sent us over the edge. Teens have different temperature requirements as they encounter hormones and grow up. And this is what led to them fighting over the thermostat settings. One time we walked into a shouting match in the living room, and my partner had to raise his voice for them to stop. Our daughter complained she was on her period, and it was too hot in her room. That was crazy since the house was freezing, and the boys said she was irrational and made them walk around in sweaters during summer. Well, that’s how we ended up installing HVAC zoning in our home with small thermostats in each bedroom. Then, we set strict rules about the temperature settings in other parts of the house.


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