Outdoor running is very different

When my buddy Dani wanted to run a marathon together I immediately said yes and began training.

Thank goodness I didn’t officially sign up or boast to my friend about how easy the run would be. I actually thought it would be a cake walk. Well I run everyday at my local gym on the treadmill. I have my special running outfit, a full water bottle and access to a bathroom, shower and AC system the whole time. Thankfully I decided to try some outdoor running since marathons are not done on treadmills. I quickly realized running on a smooth track with no hills is very different. Outside running is awful. First, I can’t carry water with me unless I want to wear it on my back. Second, the terrain slopes, slants and has potholes. I also worry about dogs chasing me, scary men on my side of the street or getting run over by a car. I couldn’t mentally get in the zone and physically it was awful. The lack of cooling really killed me too. I take the treadmill closest to the door at the gym. I realized that I am directly underneath an air vent leading to the air conditioning system. For my entire run I have AC just dumping on my head. It keeps me from getting too sweaty, swollen and fatigued. Being outside in the heat meant I was getting side cramps, sweat pouring down my face and crotch sweat. I had to make up an excuse to my friend about why I was unavailable on the marathon day.

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