Pool house has air conditioning

When I started working on my idea, I sort of passed it off as some little tech idea. You know, like an app or something. Most everyone inside the commercial HVAC of where I worked was always doing a side project or at least said they were. That’s sort of how us tech people operate. Too often, we want the glory and the riches of coming up with something amazing. But we also have to eat and that normally means opting to sit inside the commercial HVAC dealing with IT issues for a company. That’s exactly the route I took. I stayed inside that commercial HVAC for nearly 20 years doing a job that I was proficient at doing but it was so not a passion. My passion project was something I did at home inside the central air conditioning of my home office. My wife always supported this effort and I knew that I was onto something. But it took a very long time to find the right application. And when I did, I hit it rich. These days, there is a thermostat in my home office thanks to the zone controlled HVAC in this house. And I don’t have to work answering phones and solving problems inside that commercial HVAC of that company either. Shoot, we even have a pool with a pool house. And the pool house even has air conditioning so I can work from down there. I still really can’t get over the amazing quality heating and air the comes from the ductless heat pump in the pool house. Since I only answer to myself for work now, I can work from the pool house air conditioning all Summer long.

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