Proper heater maintenance boosts performance

Buying or building a new home involves many different aspects, some of which require a professional eye or touch that most homeowners lack.

These aspects are like the cogs on a wheel, as they work harmoniously to ensure everything inside the house is functional.

Floors, walls, and furnishings are visible and therefore hard to miss, but what about those areas we can’t see? Most people pay little attention to the electrical or plumbing systems as long as the lights are on, appliances work, and there’s running water. One key aspect you should never overlook when buying or building a home is the heating equipment. Components such as the boiler are often tucked out of sight and out of mind. As an HVAC specialist, one of the most common requests I get is to share energy-saving tips, especially with an electric heating system. I always say the best way to ensure your electric HVAC is efficient is to keep up with routine heater maintenance. A qualified HVAC serviceman has the training to spot issues that can increase power consumption, such as a defective electric heat pump. In such a case, the heating technician can schedule an immediate heat pump installation to resolve the problem. A wireless thermostat is a clever addition that saves you numerous trips to adjust the temperature while lowering your power bill. I also recommend switching to a HEPA filter. Besides keeping your unit free from debris and dust, it improves the air quality and boosts overall performance. Remember that not all products are equal when looking at HVAC products for sale. Different manufacturers produce different quality products, so you need to look beyond the price tag to ensure you get durable HVAC products.

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