Quality heating and air are miracles

There are a few things in life I can’t live without, one being my morning coffee with some dark chocolate and the other being some good music with my band.

I was doing standup comedy for 15 years before the music but reached a point where I felt I wasn’t growing anymore and needed a change.

I quit the comedy before figuring out where I would go next and it was a very empty feeling, as I felt my life was over since I had no passion project anymore. But enter music and the band, which is heating up with each practice session we do outside the local HVAC business. I don’t know how many new songs we have made so far, but after only a year or so playing together we have amassed 32 songs on our website. We made enough money to get me an HVAC system for my flat, something I didn’t have before and something that I really am happy about. To have good heating and cooling in the flat that had none before is a miracle as far as I am concerned. It feels so nice to wake up to a warm flat when outside it is below freezing, or in the summer with a cool flat when it is scorching hot outside. We have a nicely insulated flat so when the heating or air con system is running we don’t lose too much of the energy out the windows or walls. The HVAC contractor was up in our attic last month and said we have ample insulation.

Quality HVAC equipment

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