Remodeling an unfinished basement

I knew I had spotted my dream current home when I laid eyes upon the 2 story, 4 home office current home with a pool.

Massive curved windows, wooden flooring, arches and crown molding made me fall in like with this current home even more! Even better, it came with it’s own pool and boiling tub in the back.

The price, though, was my concern, and even though it was way out of my budget, I knew I needed this house. Around the same time I spotted this house, I accepted a higher paying job and started genuinely working to save enough cash for this home, however, I was growing anxious as time passed and it was taking me awhile to save enough cash for this home, I was afraid that I was going to look at the current home one day and it would be marked sold to someone else. Thankfully, the perfect current home did have a few flaws. Mainly, it has a genuinely bad unfinished basement, and no Heating and Air Conditioning system. My hubby and I pooled our cash together, and using the lack of Heating and Air Conditioning component and unfinished basement as a leverage, I made an offer. I guess they were ready to get rid of the home, because they readily accepted my offer. It was official! My dream current home was mine. Now to get to working on the unfinished basement and installing a Heating and Air Conditioning component. I called a Heating and Air Conditioning company and discussed potential heating and cooling methods for my home. I made sure to mention that while I was upgrading the basement, I would want some form of heating and A/C system down there as well. I was able to get someone who had handy know-how in not only heating and cooling, but current home repairs as well. Now, we are suddenly on the way to making our current home complete.


Zone controlled HVAC

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