Removing bees organically

There are lots of ways to organically get rid of unwanted bees.

If you find a nest of bees, it’s important to remain calm and stay away.

Never attempt to move or dismantle a hive without the help of a professional exterminator. Vinegar can be a good natural way to keep bees away from your yard. Vinegar is friendly for the environment and a certainly cheap product to buy from the store. Spraying vinegar on surfaces near the outside of your property will keep bees away. Bee repelling plants can work well too. Some of the most typical plants that repel bees include meme, eucalyptus, citronella, and mint. Cinnamon sprinkled on a fresh cucumber can also naturally repel flies. If all of these ideas fail, you can contact a professional to handle the problem. My husband and I had a nest of honey bees. They were in a tree at the back end of our property. The honey bees weren’t a problem until they started causing issues at the pool. The bees were stinging the kids and that was a problem. I contacted a bee removal and extermination repair to see if they could help. The bee removal repair was quick however precise. They removed all of the honey bees and the nest and relocated them to a farm nearby. I was thrilled they did not kill the honey bees. The extermination repair told my husband and I to keep an eye on the area. Periodically the honey bees will come back to the same location and begin over again.


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