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I particularly have to hand it to my spouse, that lady is a persistent critter & just kept on persevering. She did whatever she had to do when it came to following her passion & making time for her art, however and my pal and I now have a full on studio space added to our home to show for it. However, my spouse could have never been mistaken for the sort that was destined for the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of a highrise downtown. That’s my bag for sure, although I knew the second I met her that she was a true artist to the core. I feel that was part of the initial attraction, as I spent many afternoons inside the radiant heating of my dorm room hoping that she liked me as much as I liked her. The more my pal and I got to know each other the more natural it felt to be together. I headed for that zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of an office right out of university. She went on to get an MFA & my pal and I were apart for about a year & a half. That proved to be the last time my pal and I were ever apart for any extended amount of time. Since then, she’s held up her end with private tutoring, some teaching & even landscaping, but now, she’s selling her art in a big way. So my pal and I added a sizable addition to the back of our house. This is now her studio space that she heads to every morning as I head to the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of my office. Thankfully, there is a pair of ductless heat pumps providing her with good quality heating & air in her office now.


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