Returning my air filter package

Today I have to return my Amazon package at the local supplier and also maybe hit the grocery store for some food.

I may be able to slide by one more day with the food I have in the fridge, because today I have a yoga student and I don’t have as much time to get this shopping done.

The Amazon package can also wait although I don’t want to let too much time pass or I won’t be able to return it at all and will lose the money. I ordered it by mistake after getting my mini split cooling system component for my office and now I have two HEPA filters for the component when I only need one. I didn’t know that the component already came with the filter so now I have to return the second one and get my $20 back. It isn’t a lot of money although I want to return it or I am going to end up tossing the other one away at some point. The air conditioning system I bought came with a washable HEPA filter and they said it will last as long as the component lasts, which is about five or six years in today’s world. There was a time you could buy an appliance like this and it would outlive you, but now it is a bizarre world and things don’t last like they used to in a quote to make more currency by these A/C system manufacturing companies. So today I will get on my bike and ride down to return this package and be done with it.


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