Rowan and her dog enjoyed the cool air from the air conditioner

It’s been nice owning a lake house, and Rowan is certainly grateful she listened to her cousin about the investment.

For a long time, she lived in the city in a rental home. Rowan has a good, mostly work from home job, so she rarely leaves home for work. This is why her cousin encouraged her to start looking for a house outside the city. She had recently come across this development near a lake, in a semi-remote area that was amazing. Rowan enjoyed the location, and the houses are not as expensive as the houses in the city. She trusted the advice provided by this cousin, and opted to purchase a three bedroom home for herself and her dog. Installing a new air conditioner was among the few things it needed. The developer had focused on installing a current gas furnace to each of the lake houses in the area. This meant Rowan was covered when it came to heating during the long winter months. However, she had to cover the cost of installing an air conditioner. Spring was almost over, so Rowan had to act fast to get the AC in her house. Otherwise, a delay might mean enduring the summer heat without relief. Rowan and her dog enjoyed the cool air from the air conditioner once it was installed. She found a company that could do the work. They got it done.

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