Running the AC unit constantly last summer was costly

Tim was looking forward to summer last year.

His friend was going to be joining him for a week or two. They hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. This was their chance to reunite and spend time exploring the city. Tim made sure his house was clean, and there were enough supplies for each guest room. He refused to let them stay in a hotel and insisted they stay with him. Part of his preparations was making sure the AC unit was in good working condition. Since he had a heat pump, he hadn’t used the AC unit since the previous summer. So, Tim booked an appointment with the local AC company. He got the usual promise of a time window which meant an AC technician would come by the house in 4 to 6 hours. Since he was on leave, Tim was home waiting when the expert finally arrived. The AC unit was in good working condition but needed a new air filter. Tim’s friends arrived a few days later, and the house was warmer with all the people around. Tim had to keep his AC unit running all the time to keep everyone comfortable. Plus, it was an unusually hotter summer. Tim had to pay a hefty electric bill at the end of the month because of the AC unit, but he wasn’t complaining. Having his friends over for 2 weeks had been an excellent experience. They got to see the city and even came up with a perfect investment opportunity. They were all into nature, so they planned to travel and blog about it. They’d charge other guys who wanted to join them a small fee for the adventure.

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