Sensitive teeth and ductwork cleaning

I bleached my teeth this morning for an hour with those whitening strips and now my teeth feel naked.

It feels like I had sweaters on my teeth and now they have been removed on a cold winter day.

It isn’t the nicest feeling in the world I can tell you, but I want to get some of the stains off so my smile doesn’t scare away dogs. I bought some Sensodyne toothpaste at the store and am going to use it each day while doing this bleaching thing to see if it stops the sensitivity. My HVAC rep told me that it will so I am heeding her advice from yesterday when we were working on a heating system for a client. I have to wear these strips for two weeks and I know my teeth would drive me crazy if I didn’t use the toothpaste for this kind of pain. I couldn’t work on air conditioning systems all day if my teeth were like this, let alone cleaning ductwork in an uncomfortably hot attic. So I think I will be better in a couple of days once this toothpaste does its job and stops the sensitive feeling I have right now. And speaking of duct cleaning, my ductwork is going to need a big overhaul soon because the ducts are leaking in some spots and wasting the air that should be coming out of my vents. I need to get some of that tape from the store but I think I will do it later this week when my teeth are better.



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